About us

Algorós Viveros nurseries is the heart of a family-owned business, with more than 40 years’ experience in the gardening and landscape gardening sectors to vouch for it. At this moment in time, it is going from strength to strength as it combines small ornamental plant production for exportation, both within and outside the European Union, and landscape gardening work.

The mission of Algorós Viveros nurseries is to become our clients’ reference suppliers in products such as citric fruit trees, palm trees, shrubs, olive trees and Mediterranean plants. Our main objective is for our clients to think of us as a market place they can go to and in just one shop, purchase everything they need as regards Mediterranean plant supplies.

This can only be done if quality production and service are combined with experience in logistics, where the focus is on daily logistic exercises so that our ready-to-use products get to their destination in the best possible condition and in the least possible time.

The combination of team training, experience in working with large groups of shops throughout Europe and our logistical resources when it comes to delivering orders, have earned us the great trust our clients place in us.

At the same time, our scrupulous use of phytosanitary solutions and the use and control of only permitted fertilizers, have also led to us being awarded an ‘A’ grade in the MPS quality certification system.

Our experience in exporting our plants outside the European Union makes it easier for us to comply with both the administrative and customs requirements, as well as the phytosanitary ones, and being approved by custom inspections, and being able to sell our products all over the world.

Once all the above requirements are fulfilled, the secret of our success is being able to adapt to our clients’ needs, providing unique, personalized attention and optimum quality and service to meet all their demands.

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