As a global producer of Mediterranean plants, Algorós Viveros nurseries is known for growing its own plants (potted), model plants and root ball plants (recently pulled from the soil).

We are specialists in ornamental plants for private sale in garden centres, nurseries and specialist shops, as well as department stores. We also supply our products to construction companies, property developers and estate agents. Our philosophy is to produce a quality plant which will live for several months and does not need too much looking after once it has been sold. In the same way, we work to produce plants which are easy to manage and transport.

Our plants are grown outside and are given the best technical care and irrigation is well-controlled, ensuring optimum quality and competitive production costs, giving our product an excellent quality-price ratio.

Small Format

Throughout the last 20 years, we have been supplying some of the main small format consumer chains with our own SMALL FORMAT (10L, 15L and 40L) products throughout Europe. At this moment in time, our products are sold in the main specialized sales points in countries such as France, Germany, Holland and Belgium. Our objective is to consolidate our position in these countries, improving both the service and variety of our products.

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Model Plants

Besides small or medium plant production, another one of the services we have always been known for is the sale of MODEL or RECOVERED PLANTS in larger format, from 70 litres and even model plants set in steel mesh. Our experience has led us to choose only plants whose beauty and singularity makes them unique in the market. This type of plant generally requires special service, as regards transportation and planting, a service we are experts at providing.

Root Ball Plants

Another one of things that makes us stand out is the ROOT BALL plant. Thanks to our experience in model plant recovery from the soil, our sales also increase as we also grow and sell plants grown directly in the soil. Palm trees, olive trees and others, as well as plants grown directly in our fields leave us and travel to their destination every year, to places that sometimes take 40 days to get to! And they always survive and arrive in perfect condition, thanks to our experience in plant maintenance as it travels on its journey. Guaranteed service!