Our department of logistics allows for delivery of full lorries or just a pallet, to any part of Europe or anywhere else in the world. Small sized plants are delivered in casks/in bulk or in box pallets or euro pallet, depending on our clients’ needs.

We cover maritime, overland and air transportation and fulfill all the custom requirements in order to ensure successful exportation. Besides all of this, because of our extensive experience, problems never arise with this service. Our plants normally reach their destination in the stipulated time range.

Our clients very often need to order their goods in different nurseries and load them in the same place, and we are aware that this makes loading the goods more difficult. We know that from a financial and ease of work point of view, our clients need to be able to make the most of transport costs to send different sizes of plants where they need to go. This is why we try to have a wide range of plants which are of interest to our clients, available to them.

Innovation is important at Algorós Viveros nurseries and this is why we try to innovate in our production, offering a wider range of products every year.

Quality is another of our pillars, in both the products and the service we provide. We guarantee that our plants are ready to be sold immediately, without any extra care being needed.

We love what we do and we believe that a job well done throughout the different stages of our production line is what leads to satisfied clients. Trustworthiness is a fundamental value for us, especially in a type of business like ours.