In a world where globalization is a reality, we firmly believe in promoting an international economy as well as the Spanish company, and the Spanish business network which we form part of.

This is why we believe that it is so important to help to identify the needs of internationalization and develop strategies which allow us to consolidate ourselves in international markets.

At this moment in time, we export 85% of what we produce. Our main clients are the big distribution chains in mainly France, Holland, Germany, England and Belgium. We also export to Italy, Greece, Croatia, Albania, and the rest of the European Union, as well as India, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Dubai, Russia and Morocco.

We have experience in exporting to countries with special importation requirements as regards phytosanitary treatments or the actual plant itself, root cleansing, plant matter preparation, preparation of plant, turf or coconut fiber matter. Also, our experience with the Spanish and foreign phytosanitary authorities are a guarantee of our success in any of our exportation projects.

Our team is made up of professionals, highly experienced in the area of exportation, with an excellent level of spoken English and French.

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