Jubalcoy Farm

This 3-hectare farm is used as a centre of logistics and a showhouse for all our products, especially those of small and medium format – from 15 to 160 litres. This property is also used as a loading area and also houses offices.

There are more than 10,000 m² of greenhouses used for plant maintenance on this farm.

It is located in a strategic setting, less than 5 minutes from Alicante airport and 5km from the centre of Elche.

Hills Farm

It is on this farm where we keep our recovered olive trees and where the production of all types of olive trees takes place – bonsai, pom-pom, branched, ball – a hectare of land full of olive trees, all classified into the different types.

Hollywood Farm

This is a 1-hectare farm and it allows us to grow a wide range of olive trees. It is, as such, a continuation of HILLS FARM, where clients can choose the best quality and variety.

Algorós Farm

A 20-hectare farm, where covered crops are grown, Algorós farm is one of reference for our company, the very heart of it, where the product which is most representative of us is grown. This farm is used exclusively to grow citric fruit trees, in small format, from 15 litres (20cm pot) to 70 litres (70cm pot). Here we grow each specie depending on its size, in a different way, easily identifiable to the client, something that allows us to produce better quality products which are visually appealing to the client. Species such as citrus lemon, citrus sinenis, citrus reticulata, Buddha’s hand citrus, lime variety citrus lemon, Australian finger lime and a wide variety of citric fruit trees of which we produce 12,000 fruit.

Miami Farm

This two-hectare farm can be found in the municipality of Elche, and it is where all small, medium and large format palm trees are grown, ranging from 15 litre format (30 cm container), to 500 litre formats (100cm container). On this farm, palm trees such as Phoenix canariensis, Chamaerops humilis, Trachycarpus fortnei or Chamaerops excelsa, Brahea armata, Arecastrum romanzoffiana, Sabal palmetto, Washingtonia filifera and Washingtonia robusta are grown every year. We also have a greenhouse area of 2,000m² to protect our plants in the winter months enabling them to get to the spring in the best possible condition.

Las Vegas Farm

This 2-hectare farm is opposite Miami farm and it has more than 5,000 olive trees of different types and sizes, making it the perfect place in which to find young and old trunk olive trees, pom-poms, plate olive trees and centennial trees.

New York Farm

Another 2-hectare farm situated next to Miami farm, which allows us to take in medium and large sized recovering olive trees. Clients can choose from a range of types of trees including old trunk, young trunk and branched types.