Nerium oleander Tige tressé

Nerium oleander Tige tressé
(blanc, rose et rouge)

Common name: Adelfa, baladre, pink laurel.

Its compactness and spectacular, long-lasting flowers have led to this shrub becoming the symbol of the Mediterranean summer. Its evergreen spear-shaped leaves come in groups of 2 to 3 and are of a medium green colour, and it produces some flowers which are not very fragrant but which last the whole summer long.

If grown in a pot, the pot it should be more deep than wide to allow enough space for its roots. Thanks to its plentiful flowers which contrast with its green leaves, it grows to make spectacular shrubs in parks and gardens. In pots, it is the queen of balconies and terraces in summer. When its stems are cut, it releases a white liquid milky substance which is slightly toxic but poses no danger.

If the trunks of several plants are woven together, it looks even prettier.

Origin: Temperate Asia, the Mediterranean region.
Average watering. Sun or semi shade.